Born from a deep reverence for Nature and ancient herbal tradition, ANAHATA is an intimate infusion of flowers, roots, oils, herbs, and resins, crafted into luxury botanical remedies with your wellness and spirit in mind. 

It is our deepest intention to reconnect the modern world with the limitless sentience of the Earth and her offerings, and reintroduce ritual into daily life. We are passionate about coexisting in unconditional harmony with our planet, harnessing the innate intelligence of the Earth to heal, nourish, awaken, and enhance our bodies, minds, and soul. 

Our artisanal creations inspire intimacy with the Spirit of Life. 

Plants, like us, inhale and exhale cosmic forces: they hold memories, vibrations, and frequencies of pure consciousness. When we commune with them, they imprint us with the codes of the universe. They bring us to presence, to truth, to knowing, to alignment. Every ANAHATA blend has been alchemized thoughtfully with a deep consideration for the energetics of each plant. We understand the power of every petal, leaf, and root, and allow Nature to be our guiding force in this collaboration. Our artisanal creations are imbued not only with the biological benefits of these botanicals, but the very Spirit of Life in its barest, most intrinsic form.



We recognize the Earth as our essential muse, and source all of our ingredients with great care and responsibility. All materials are grown with sustainable practices or mindfully wild harvested with intention to preserve natural ecosystems and steward the biodiversity of our planet. We work in collaboration with small organic farmers, distillers, and communities around the world to preserve cultural traditions and indigenous heritage. 

All botanical remedies are made in small batches by hand with great care. Please savor them and share them with those you love.